We are planning a series of mini conferences. Some are public interest, others will be to accomplish a social good.  We expect the first one to invite local social agencies to tell us what they do. That sounds silly because they all have web sites and full time staffs. In fact the web sites are not designed for an English speaker or even an anglo with good french skill. In fact one lady who had organized a discussion  on mistreatment of the elderly in English had to cancel it.  You see the announcement was in  French on a website entirely in French.  I have to ask if she was really surprised that she had to cancel for "lack of interest."

Did you know:
That you can borrow a wheel chair for free?
Get a free ride to a medical appointmrnt ?
Get assistance with bathing?
Get an inexpensive meal delivered?
There are many services our elderly are not using?
We want to explore this problem?
Please give us your feedback about such a conference.

Call Andy at 450 248-3923
or myself Barry Bockus at 450 248-2514