This is a partial list of memorial donations received in 2015. Donations of more than $1000 are shown on our endowment listing and placed on our engraved endowment board.  Should you wish to donate to one of our Parish Churches please indicate whether it is for St. James Bedford, St Paul's Phillipsburg, or St James Farnham. Please send it to St James Anglican Church, 40 rue Dupont Bedford QC. J0J 1A0.

In Loving Memory

Christmas 2015

St James Bedford

Ray Bockus

Wilfred & Blanche Bockus

Earl & Freda Bockus

Holly Bockus

William & Penelope Bradshaw

Mac Bradshaw

Julie Bradshaw

Gower Bradshaw

Geoffrey Bradshaw

Jan Marshall

Kent Smith

Isabella & William Jackson

Audrey & Richard Craighead

Edith & Richard Craighead

Penny & Jim Davidson

Dennis Martin

Brian Callaghan

Mark Callaghan

Carol Callaghan

Margaret Callaghan

Gordon & Della Callaghan Sr.

Anna & Alfred Maxwell

Gerald Maxwell

Edna Bird

Lillian & Herbert Gocher

Donna Bellingham

Frank Bellingham

Edwin Bellingham

Rodney Bellingham

Byron & Elizabeth Deline

Sanford & Yvonne Monette

Ben & Betty Monette

Charles & Joan Monette

Gula & Earl Morrison

Archie & Dorothy Dryden

Marc Champagne

The Alloway Family

Eddy & June Rolland

Carole Rolland

Ted Harris

Mac & Muriel McCaw

Roy & Agnes Sparling

Rex & Gladys Buckland

Jim & Jean Baglow

Eric & Martha Jones

Ruth & Harry Jones

Doris & Ben Draper

Hannibal & Doris Sheltus

Ashley Sheltus

Maurice & Catherine Picard

Stanley Caldwell

Ruby Caldwell

Velma Vosburgh

Daniel Webb

Jonathan Webb

Roland & Clarisse Audet

Barbara & Fred Garz

Monika Garz

Edith Bordo Thompson

Diana Coady Reece

George & Ernestine Rolland

Norman & Belle Smith

Foster Ducharme

Pansy Gibson Ducharme

Norma Marks

Selby & Ian Smith

Lulu Deline & Billy Ducharme

Dorothy & Gordon Bronke

Robert & Nellie Palmer

George & Harriet Palmer

Olive & Alan Palmer

Harold Palmer

Marguerite Miller

Wayne Miller

John Reiter

Robyn Rhicard

Judy Derick

Violet Cook

Lance Myers

Alice & Adolphe Greenwood

Edmond  & Dinkie Jess